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Dr. Nate Stetson is a neurosurgeon with advanced training and experience in spine surgery. He offers the innovative Artificial Disc Replacement procedure to relieve neck and back pain and overcome the drawbacks of fusion surgery.

MeetDr. StetsonBoard-Certified Neurosurgeon

Nate Stetson D.O., M.S. is a board-certified neurosurgeon in Oklahoma City. He completed his pre-medical studies at the University of Vermont. He went on to complete a master's degree in health policy and clinical practice at Dartmouth College.

Cervical Disc Replacement

Artificial cervical disc replacement is a procedure to remove a damaged disc in the neck and replace it with an artificial implant. Persistent neck pain due to disc disease was initially treated by fusion surgery that although reduces pain, compromises mobility. The artificial disc is an innovative implant that can help you retain the normal range of motion.

Mobi-C ®Cervical Disc

Mobi-C is an FDA-approved artificial cervical disc from Zimmer Biomet designed to maintain neck motion. It is employed in one- and two-level cervical disc replacement from C3 to C7 and is intended to restore/maintain disc height and segmental motion and alleviate pain and loss of motion in patients with degenerative disc disease and disc herniation.

  • Spinal Kinetics M6
    Spinal Kinetics M6Image courtesy:

    The M6-C disc is the only disc designed with a shock-absorbing nucleus and fiber annulus that work together to replicate the controlled range of movement and cushioning effect of the natural disc.

  • NuVasive Simplify
    NuVasive SimplifyImage courtesy:

    The Simplify Cervical Disc has a significantly greater success rate at the 24-month follow up compared to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) when used in treatment for one-level cervical total disc replacement (cTDR)

What Our Patients Are Saying
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    Dr Stetson completed a fusion on my upper cervical after 6 years of hospitalizations and other physicians who had given up on solving my health problem. He new immediately my problem and had me back t... View More

    ~ Mary Dimmitt ~
  • Reviews

    I know it is cliche' to say Dr. Stetson gave me my life back ... but it is true. I had not known "pain free" for over 15 years. He had studied my information before my first appointment and had a plan... View More

    ~ Anonymous ~
  • Reviews

    I found Dr. Stetson to be sincere and very clear with his diagnoses. A very concerned doctor and wants to insure the best of care and best results. I would highly recommend him and his staff. I had a ... View More

    ~ Anonymous ~
  • Reviews

    I had been recommended to Dr. Stetson after having significant lower back pain for some time. First appointment with him he walked in already having a great understanding of my situation from review o... View More

    ~ Anonymous ~

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